Don’t Be Alarmed–In the Kitchen with Stephanie

I had this idea for a podcast about food and cooking almost a year ago. I wanted to focus on Indiana cooks, especially home cooks, but also professional chefs, bakers, restauranteurs, retailers, and people who produce our food, brew beer, make wine, etc. I love learning about all things food-related, and having a lot of fun and laughs along the way. So sharing stories about food and cooking is where the fun really begins.

After a visit to Scotland this past summer, I wanted to reconnect with the Highlands and the delightful people there. I had put the BBC Scotland’s app on my phone for the trip so I looked into that one day after being home for a couple weeks, and I found a show called “The Kitchen Cafe.” It was a fun show that featured lively conversation with cooks and food experts from all over Scotland, and “live” cooking in real kitchens. Sometimes the results are a bit surprising, as when the smoke alarm went off during one cooking session. When I heard that, I knew that was the kind of show I wanted to attempt–lively, informative, friendly, relaxed, spontaneous, surprising, fun! The “Don’t Be Alarmed” episode of Indiana Home Cooks includes just about every one of those elements.

The dish Stephanie Hainje prepared for us on the show is a recipe from Emeril Lagasse–Pasta with Roasted Squash, Sausage, and Pecans. You can find it here. And here is how it turned out on Stephanie’s stove. Enjoy!

Author: Susan Mintert

I'm an Indiana home cook and host of the Indiana Home Cooks podcast, where we share the stories of people who cook, eat, and drink in the Hoosier State.

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